The district Berlin-Mitte is subject to a steady and rapid development and shows an increase in conflicts of use in relation to stationary traffic. Due to that, a re-assessment and review of the parking management zones should be carried out after more than ten years.

Initially, an extensive survey of approx. 48,000 parking spaces in the public and private sector was carried out and the demand for parking space was determined by recording the occupancy and a partial survey of the number plates. The number plate survey to distinguish the benefit groups was carried out on site with tablets using the company's own app CarPark, which was successfully tested thereby. From the results, zones with extremely high parking pressure could be derived. In addition, a review of the existing parking arrangements was carried out with regard to the type of management and management time, as well as the level of charges and the obligation to charge, from which recommendations and corresponding measures were derived for adequate use in the following areas:

- Management forms and times,

- fees,

- parking zone classification.


Parking space utilization at a specific time                                                                                        Screenshot of the CarPark App

For more Information, please refer to our factsheet 2,2 MB.




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